English Amber Vermouth 750ml 18% abv

Made with English wine from Three Choirs in Gloucestershire (and for the first batch some Italian wine as well in the blend) Sacred English Amber Vermouth also has 16 botanicals including orris, orange peel, distilled gentian root and wormwood. It is sweeter, much more restrained than Sacred Extra Dry Vermouth and is great in a Vesper  (mixed with 3 times the volume of Sacred Gin and Organic Vodka with a splash of Angostura bitters).  Can also be enjoyed straight over ice with an orange peel twist.


Tasting note: Deliciously fruity on the nose, liked cooked peaches, apricots, bergamot and orange peel. This is overlaid with some floral hints, along with honey and spices. Medium-bodied with a medium level of sweetness balanced with firm acidity. Complex, vibrant, balanced, long, with good intensity of flavour and a certain richness. An expertly made artisan drink that’s good to drink neat over ice or with tonic.

Sacred Extra Dry Vermouth 23.8% abv

A bone dry, spicy vermouth designed for martinis. Made with English wine from Three Choirs in Gloucestershire (and with some Italian wine for the first batch).


Spiced English Vermouth 75cl  made with English Wine - 18% abv

A rich and dark Spiced English Vermouth made using English organic wormwood from Somerset, organic thyme from the New Forest, English wine from Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire as well as many other barks, peels and spices. Limited availability. 18% abv 70cl.  For the ultimate Negroni blend with Sacred Gin and Sacred Rosehip Cup! (We also love it 50:50 over ice with a peaty single malt...)

Rosehip Cup 75cl - delicious with bubbles or in a Negroni

SACRED ROSEHIP CUP: a fruity, gently bitter dark-red aperitivo cordial with 27 botanicals including rosehip and rhubarb, made with entirely natural and organic ingredients.

Pour a shot into a champagne flute and top up with your favourite bubbles for a sophisticated and delicious alternative to a Kir Royale.  Also makes a lovely Negroni with Sacred Gin and Spiced English Vermouth..

Sacred Negroni Giftpack - all you need for a  Negroni session!

3 x 200ml bottles - one each of Sacred Gin, Sacred Rosehip Cup (a delicious red and bitter English alternative to Campari) and of course Spiced English Vermouth.  In our beautiful new giftbox makes an ideal present. Mix one 25ml shot of each in a tumbler, stir with ice and garnish with a slice of orange.  Simple. 

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